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Pitch-black Ayam Cemani Chicks (LF)

Pitch-black Ayam Cemani Chicks (LF)

The Ayam Cemani chickens are unique in that their meat, bones, and organs appear pitch-black, and even their beaks, combs, tongues, and wattles are black or gray, but their blood runs red just like normal. The birds' black color occurs because of excess pigmentation of the tissues, caused by a congenital condition known as fibromelanosis.


The Ayam Cemani is a purebred, ornamental Indonesian chicken; the species originated from Java, Indonesia, and has long been used for spiritual purposes. This rare breed is saturated in mysticism and prized in its native land for its "magic blood." If you're superstitious, then maybe you'll consider yourself in luck with this beautiful bird.


The cocks can weigh 4.5 - 5.5 lbs, and the hens weigh around 3.5 –4.5 lbs. Hens lay cream-colored eggs (not black) infrequently, so they're not the best if you're looking for a continuous egg supply. Also, they are poor setters and rarely hatch their young. So, understandably, this breed continues to be rare. 
We sell our Large Fowl Pitch-black Ayam Cemani Chicks as straight-run only and in a minimum of 3 birds per order.
*No guarantees on gender ratios.

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