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Salmon Faverolles Chicks (LF)

Salmon Faverolles Chicks (LF)

Our Large Fowl Salmon Faverolles are a favorite among homesteaders and backyard farmers because they have cute beards, muffs, feathered feet, and 5 toes per foot instead of the usual 4. Also, Faverolles are agreeably adjusted both to confinement and free-range conditions. 


The Salmon Faverolles chickens, bred originally as utility poultry in France for winter eggs, are rare today and mostly kept for show and novelty. Still considered a heavy dual-purpose bird, they remain extraordinary layers laying about 4 medium-sized, light brown to pinkish eggs per week, or more than 200 eggs per year, and are good meat chickens.


The cocks, the quietest of all breeds, are known for their docile nature. They can get bullied in a mixed flock them being so gentle and friendly, so they thrive with other Faverolles or other tamer breeds. Because of their gentleness, Faverolles have become a favored species of chicken to keep as a pet, especially for youths.


Females are mainly brown and creamy white, while males are darker, with black, brown, and straw-colored feathers. Large fowl Faverolles cocks are about 8 lbs, and hens are approximately 6 lbs fully grown.


Although our Large Fowl Salmon Faverolles Chicks are feather sexable, we sell as straight-run only and in a minimum of 3 birds per order.
*No guarantees on gender ratios.

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