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Coturnix Quail Live Birds

Coturnix Quail Live Birds

In their native lands, Coturnix Quail are migratory birds. They were captured and kept centuries ago for their singing abilities and the male will do a "koo-tur-nix" call for breeding - thus their name.


The reason for keeping Coturnix Quail are many, but most backyard farmers keep them for their eggs and meat. Their eggs are delightful and considered a delicacy, and their meat (also a delicacy) is so good that our kids always beg for more! Many non-traditional homesteaders turn to Coturnix Quail when they find out they can’t keep other forms of poultry within city limits.


Coturnix Quail mature so quickly that they reach their top weight at about 8 weeks old. Once a mature hen begins laying at approximately 9 weeks old, she'll produce around 300 eggs per year. You'll have eggs coming out of your ears! 


Our Coturnix Quail Live Birds are sold as straight-run only and in a minimum of six birds per order.


*No guarantees on gender ratios.

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