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Black Araucana Chicks (LF)

Black Araucana Chicks (LF)

Our Large Fowl Black Araucanas (not to be confused with Ameraucanas) are considered one of the rarest breeds of domestic poultry because of their low hatch rates. But with their cute ear tufts, rumpless behinds, beautiful blue-shelled eggs, and unique personalities, the Araucana is truly a treasure to behold. It doesn't hurt that they have a generally pleasant demeanor, either!


There isn't any documentation on the early history of the Araucana chicken, but they were commonly seen in South America, specifically in the Araucanía territory of Chile in the early 1900s. There has been a longstanding and inconclusive controversy about the origin of the Araucana chicken and whether it derives from poultry brought by Europeans after Columbus arrived in the Americas or if they existed previously.


Although the characteristics of the Araucana chicken mentioned previously are considered the American Standard and are dominant, it is normal for some to exhibit tails and clean faces. The Araucana also has a pea comb, and they remain extraordinary layers laying about 250 blue eggs per year. Some confuse the Ameraucana breed and Easter Eggers with Araucanas because they can also carry the dominant blue egg (oocyan) gene but, those derive from the original Araucana species of chickens.


Araucanas come in many colors, but we prefer the black variety. Large fowl Aruacana cocks are about 5 lbs, and hens are approximately 4 lbs fully grown.

We sell our Large Fowl Black Araucana Chicks as straight-run only and in a minimum of 3 birds per order.
*No guarantees on gender ratios.

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