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White American Bresse Chicks (LF)

White American Bresse Chicks (LF)

The American Bresse is the U.S.'s variation of an exquisite French breed of poultry - the Bresse chicken. These birds exhibit the colors of the French (and American) flag, with big red combs, white feathers, and steel blue shanks. While extremely rare in the U.S., in France, the breed has been around for more than five centuries!


These dual-purpose fowl are robust, easy to care for and keep, enthusiastic foragers, and have a fantastic disposition.


American Bresse hens lay a light golden-brown egg and average 4-5 eggs a week, or about 250 eggs per year. The eggs they lay are great, and their meat is superb and of the finest quality because, like beef, they can have marbled meat. This chicken tastes like nothing else - imagine the most succulent chicken you've ever had, reputed to be the best-tasting chicken in the world.


American Bresse chickens are not fast-growing, but they're unquestionably worth the wait. Males will reach a mature weight of about 6 lbs in around 16 weeks, and hens will average 4.5 lbs pounds.


We sell our American Bresse Chicks as straight-run only and in a minimum of 3 birds per order.


*No guarantees on gender ratios.

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